Macco Lingui – Spanish

Macco Lingui – Spanish can be purchased directly from the Windows 10 and Apple macOS Store for ~$4.49 (depending on region and exchange rate)

For school licenses, click here.


  • Over 1.400 Spanish verbs can be conjugated in all important tenses. Practice just the conjugation or practice in >6.000 sentences
  • Macco Lingui – Spanish contains a few hundred lessons on verb conjugation and grammar. Each lesson is accompanied by an exercise.
  • All sentences, explanations, and a large number of conjugations have been recorded by native speakers.
  • Suitable for beginners, high schools and universities.

The main menu of Macco Lingui – Spanish

  Verb conjugations

Macco Lingui provides you with an intuitive conjugation scheme for practicing verb conjugations. Thanks to the colors you can easily pinpoint your  strengths and weaknesses. By means of a sophisticated system of repetition, Macco Lingui’s smart learning system emphasizes irregular verb forms and those the user is having trouble with.

Furthermore, all the conjugations in the scheme can be internalized by listening to them, native speakers have recorded them!

Conjugation scheme. Horizontally: Groups of verbs. Vertically: The most important Spanish tenses.

During practice idioms related to the verb are presented, as well as the conjugation of the specific verb (after entering the answer of course!). These examples and conjugations have all been recorded.

Conjugate verbs. In the lower right you can see the blocks you are currently practising with the current score for each block.

  Verbs conjugation lessons

The conjugation of verbs is taught through a large number of lessons, comprising 5 levels. Each lesson begins with a thorough explanation of the subject involved. Then the student can practise the subject matter in sentences. Very often, a new grammatical subject is introduced passively and the student is familiarized further with it through a dictation exercise. A rating system of medals will inspire the user to keep working and thus improve his performance.

Verb conjugation lessons. The lessons start with recorded explanation of the new subject.


Verb conjugation lessons. In this exercise the group hablar is practiced in the presente.

  Grammar lessons

The grammar is presented in a very similar manner:  Every lesson begins with a (recorded) explanation, after which the student can practise the grammatical subject in sentences.

Grammar lessons. The lessons start with recorded explanation of the new subject.

 The Lingui-theque

The Lingui-theque is the place to go to to look up verbs, conjugations, sentences and grammar!

The Lingui-theque. Look at and listen to the conjugations, examples and sentences in the various languages.