Macco Lingui


Macco Lingui is our app family for learning French, Spanish, German, and Latin.



  • Macco Lingui is for everyone: Whether you are a beginner or already have some experience, whether you want to study by yourself or are learning languages in school, Macco Lingui will help you become a true expert in European languages!
  • Learn by listening: Almost every sentence, conjugation and example in Macco Lingui has been recorded by native speakers. Macco Lingui contains over 65.000 recordings!
  • Smart learning: Macco Lingui’s database-driven engine keeps track of your answers, making it possible to tailor the exercises to your specific needs.
  • Smart use of color: Macco Lingui has implemented various color schemes to help you recognize and comprehend things such as gender and irregular conjugations at a glance.
  • Visualize your progress: Macco Lingui’s practice schemes directly visualize your strengths and weaknesses through use of color.
  • Keep motivated: Give it your best during the lessons to earn medals!
  • Tailored feedback: During practice, you will regularly get feedback on the specific sentence!
  • Proven quality: We have been developing language-learning software for schools since 1988!
  • Multilingual: Macco Lingui is available in English and in Dutch!
  • Multiplatform: Macco Lingui runs on Windows (XP through 10, including Windows 10 S) and Apple macOS. We are also working hard to bring Macco Lingui to Android/Chromebook/iOS.

Get Macco Lingui from the App Stores:

This version of Macco Lingui contains all languages of the Macco Lingui family and costs ~$9.99 (depending on region and exchange rate).

We also sell versions with only one language in the app stores for ~$4.49

For school licenses, click here.

More information on the languages in Macco Lingui:

Macco Lingui – French
Macco Lingui – Spanish
Macco Lingui – German
Macco Lingui – Latin