Macco Lingui

Macco Lingui is our latest app for learning French, Spanish, German, and Latin. Macco Lingui is perfectly suited for self-study as it offers thorough explanation and ample practice of many grammatical subjects and verb conjugations. It is meant for absolute beginners, secondary school pupils and university student. Macco Lingui focuses on pronunciation: Native speakers have recorded about 50.000 sentences, conjugations. Macco Lingui lets you easily track your progress by providing color-coded progress schemes. In addition, Macco Lingui’s smart learning system keeps track of every answer given, making it possible to practice difficult subjects. Macco Lingui is available to schools and universities through our website, whereas individual licenses can be bought in App Stores. Macco Lingui runs on Windows (XP through 10, including Windows 10 S) and Apple macOS. We are also working hard to bring Macco Lingui to Android/Chromebook/iOS.

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Macco French
Macco Spanish
Macco German (Expected may-june 2018) 
Macco Latin (Expected june-july 2018)