Prêt au départ !

What is Prêt au départ ?

Prêt au départ ! (Ready to go!) is for everyone who starts learning French, but especially also for students who can use a helping hand and a bit of encouragement. It is available for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS.

The course is destined for approximately the first two years of learning this beautiful language. The course addresses all the important aspects of learning French: Grammar, vocabulary, verbs, reading and listening, and most importantly: repetition. In addition, all the audio has been recorded by native speakers.

A selection of important topics that are covered in Prêt au départ:

  • articles: un, une, des; le, la, l’, les
  • présent of avoir, être
  • présent of verbs ending in -er: donner, parler etc.
  • singular and plural forms of nouns and adjectives
  • numbers and the clock
  • à + article: au, à la, à l’, aux
  • de + article: du, de la, de l’, des
  • possessive pronouns: mon, ma, mes….
  • présent of aller, pouvoir, vouloir, devoir, voir

Next to Prêt au départ, we offer a follow-up course: Nous voilà partis ! (On our way!)

A few screenshots of Prêt au départ:

Where to get Prêt au départ?

Users with older Windows versions (XP – 10) can contact us to obtain a download link and license.
Educational institutions can contact us directly for a quotation. School discounts apply.