Nous voilà partis !

What is Nous voilà partis?

Nous voilà partis (On our way) is the follow-up of of our beginners’ course Prêt au départ (Ready to go). It is destined for everyone who wants to learn French, and especially for students who can use a helping hand and a bit of encouragement. It is available for Microsoft Windows and Apple macOS.

The course addresses all the important aspects of learning French: Grammar, vocabulary, verbs, reading and listening, and most importantly: repetition. In addition, all the audio has been recorded by native speakers.

A selection of important topics that are covered in Nous voilà partis:

  • Adjectives and adverbs
  • Demonstrative and possessive pronouns
  • Relative and interrogative pronouns
  • Personal pronouns, y and en
  • Near future and recent past
  • Regular and irregular verbs
  • Partitive articles
  • Il faut
  • Subjonctif
  • Participe présent and gérondif
  • Active and passive voices
  • ….

A few screenshots of Nous voilà partis:

Where to get Nous voilà partis?

Users with older Windows versions (XP – 8) can contact us to obtain a download link and license.
Educational institutions can contact us directly for a quotation. School discounts apply.