French Verbs

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What is French Verbs

Verbs stand at the basis of a language, yet they are often considered the hardest part of learning French. French Verbs takes the student by the hand in mastering verbs and their conjugation, from entry-level French all the way to the advanced level. French Verbs is the newest installment of our Dutch software package used in many educational institutions throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. We are currently translating the program to English, and soon it will be available worldwide!

A more specific description can be found below. Note: For now, the videos are still in Dutch

Conjugation of verbs:

• Over 1.400 French verbs in all important tenses
• Keep track of your progress in a simple to understand diagram. The diagram shows your weak spots in a glimpse.
All important conjugations are recorded by native speakers. Learn by listening!

Verbs in sentences:

• Over 11.000 French sentences, all recorded by native speakers
• Various grammatical topics, all accompanied by extensive, spoken explanation.
• Among others: Personal pronouns, y, en, agreement of the past participle, gérondif, passive voice, falloir and valoir, imperative, ne … que, …
• Get feedback adapted to the specific sentence!

Overview of verbs:

• Conjugation of the verb. Color is used to indicate the suffixes, and more importantly, exceptions.
• Short examples of the usage of the verb.
• List of French sentences containing the verb.

Compose your own lesson

• Compose your own lesson, either to practice verbs in sentences or just their conjugation.
• Make a selection on the basis of verb (group), tense ánd grammatical topic

A sentence finder

• Filter sentences from the database of 11.000+ sentences containing specific words.
• These sentences can then be practiced.
• Very convenient for a classroom! For example, to introduce “il faut” or “dont”.